What we offer


  • Conflict-sensible reporting
  • Data driven journalism
  • Environmental reporting
  • Business coverage
  • Election coverage
  • Diversity Reporting
  • Citizen Journalism
  • Mobile Reporting
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Data security


  • Media & Information Literacy
  • International Youth Work
  • Development and implementation of workshops on political education
  • Development of specialist literature and textbooks for universities and universities

Capacity Building

  • Media training for public relations specialists, executives and employees
  • Training of Trainers in youth and adult work
  • Political Campaigning
  • Social Media Management
  • Communication and conflict management


  • Preparation of expert opinions in the area of democratization and conflict resolution
  • Consulting and assessment in the creation of new media laws
  • Analyzes in the fields of media impact research
  • Legal Analysis

Strategic consulting

  • Organizational development
  • Team-building workshops
  • Consultation in change management
  • Consulting in Political Campaigning
  • Support in the development of legal foundations and guidelines
  • Project management


  • Accompanying institutional change processes
  • Organisational Consultancy and Organisational Change
  • Media monitoring during elections (commissioned by EU: to date in 14 countries)
  • International observer missions in conflict areas and conflict management


Behavior of journalists in war situations. Case studies from Ukraine.


Військовий Аналіз для журналістів


Анализ Журналисты в кризисных регионах Украины

Mentoring Program

The mentoring program is a special offer of IDEM for performance-oriented and particularly committed junior employees in media, education and politics from Germany and all over the world. The program brings together young talents internationally with experienced and professionally successful mentors.

Mentoring focuses on counseling and targeted support on the way from study to work. The mentors support junior staff in all questions concerning their studies, professional and life planning and contribute to the development of personal, professional and social skills. Mentoring topics include career entry, the reconciliation of work and private life, study and working abroad or career planning.

The program offers positive effects for all stakeholders. The Mentee receives professional and personal suggestions from an experienced executive and benefits from their experiences and networks. He learns to reflect on himself and his development and experiences a strengthening of personal and professional self-confidence. The Mentee gains insights into media work, organizations and companies and is supported in career and career planning. The mentor collects counseling experience, deals with the expectations of future generations and can expand his own network in the mentor's circle. It is not rare to see that a relationship between mentor and mentee has developed and existed for many years.